Pandemic Closes Schools, SC Provides Free June Magazines Online for Taiwan

Due to a recent surge of COVID-19 cases, Taiwan raised its pandemic prevention efforts to Level 3 and closed down all its schools from preschools to universities until June 14. To ensure students continue to learn English even when schools are closed, Studio Classroom is providing its June magazines at all three levels- Let’s Talk in EnglishStudio Classroom, and Advanced, for free downloading from its official website for all of Taiwan, whether students or adults.

Studio Classroom Founder Dr. Doris Brougham encourages learners of English at any age to keep on learning English and not let the pandemic halt your learning. Studio Classroom has long advocated English is a window on the world that broadens your mind and opens up more opportunities professionally and personally. The pandemic has given us the gift of time at home, may we use our time wisely and never stop learning!

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