Enhancing International Competitiveness Studio Classroom “E-Testing” A Preferred Tool for Top Taiwanese Companies Seeking Talent!

The key to corporate talent selection is English proficiency! Studio Classroom’s E-Testing online English assessment system has been the designated testing platform for the Ministry of Education’s 2007 online English proficiency certification for technical and vocational colleges. To date, over 100 high schools, colleges, and universities across Taiwan are using it. The extensive question bank of E-Testing includes GEPT, TOEIC, and commonly used vocabulary, with randomly generated questions that rarely repeat. E-Testing is convenient, time-saving, and accurate in its question selection, making it one of the most favored tools for Taiwan’s leading companies when recruiting new employees. Companies such as Micron Technology Taiwan are among its loyal customers.

Daniel Hsieh: English is a Window to the World!
Studio Classroom President Daniel Hsieh pointed out that trend master Kenichi Ohmae mentioned in his book “The Mind of the Strategist” that companies should improve their employees’ English skills to face the global market and enhance international competitiveness. Studio Classroom founder Doris Brougham came to Taiwan after World War II and found that Taiwanese people could not communicate with international individuals due to language barriers. She then decided to promote English education to help Taiwanese society connect with the world. Many praise Dr. Brougham for being a major contributor to Taiwan’s economic growth, playing a crucial role in the country’s industrialization and internationalization process.

Daniel Hsieh emphasized that English is a window to the world! Especially today, as Taiwanese companies face fierce global competition, English proficiency can open international markets. Not only do companies need to master English, but every individual in Taiwan also needs to master it, to speak up for Taiwan and let the world learn more about Taiwan.
E-Testing Online English Assessment System: Accurate and Efficient, Identifying Learning Blind Spots
Studio Classroom General Manager Joseph Tsai stated that English proficiency is already the standard for job seekers to find good jobs and for companies to find good talent. The advantage of the E-Testing online English assessment system is that while the regular TOEIC has 200 questions, taking nearly 2 hours to complete, E-Testing precisely selects 50 questions, which can be completed in just 30 minutes. This reduces stress for job seekers and saves time and costs for HR, providing an accurate assessment of candidates’ English abilities in just 30 minutes.

E-Testing is not only a great tool for talent recruitment but also an excellent tool for assessing learning outcomes. Joseph Tsai pointed out that everyone has likely done past exam papers and mock exams, which is the fastest way to familiarize oneself with question types and testing patterns, effectively training answering techniques and speed. At the same time, one can identify learning errors and blind spots from incorrect answers. E-Testing’s diverse learning modes can be customized according to users’ needs and English levels, setting up group learning or testing. The extensive question bank of E-Testing can simulate different types of English proficiency tests, including reading, listening, and vocabulary, providing immediate results to evaluate learning effectiveness. It can also record students’ practice and scores, analyze their answers, and build a comprehensive learning history. Whether for businesses or schools, E-Testing is an excellent tool for learning English in the digital age.