Doris Speaks at “Foreigners Love Taiwan” Exhibition Opening

Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je kicked off the “Foreigners Love Taiwan” Exhibition at the Taipei City Archives on March 10, which will run until April 8. This event aims to let Taipei citizens know about the incredible contributions foreigners have made to Taiwan. Dr. Doris Brougham attended and spoke at the event.

Mayor Ko said he started learning English with Studio Classroom in junior high school, and was thrilled to meet his childhood hero, Dr. Brougham, in person for the first time.

Brougham, who has lived in Taiwan for over 70 years, said in her speech: “Taiwan is a beautiful land, but there are many beautiful places in the world. The most valuable thing Taiwan has is its people. The people are kind, treat foreigners well, and help each other. The most precious trait of the people is their willingness to learn.”

She went on to say “Taiwan is a diamond. Diamonds are small, but they are highly valuable. Although Taiwan is small, it can shine its light brightly and make the world a better place.” Brougham concluded by encouraging everyone to continue to help each other and work together to make Taiwan and the world a better place.