A Friend for Life – SC Kicks Off Fall School Rallies Tour

This fall, Studio Classroom kicked off its popular, bilingual character-building rallies in the schools. The theme of this year’s rallies is “A Friend for Life”.

The first rally this academic year was held at Nankan Senior High School in Taoyuan. Hong Shuqi, who teaches math and science for gifted students there, expressed that Studio Classroom magazines are more relevant than other English-learning magazines. Zhang Xiurong, who teaches English for seniors at the school, shared her own experience with Studio Classroom. “Up to junior high, my English was poor. In my second year of junior high school, my dad gave me a Let’s Talk in English magazine, so I started listening to its radio program every day, and began a lifelong habit of listening to English every day. How I miss those days. My foundation for English was established during that time. Now, I only use Studio Classroom and Advanced magazines for my juniors and seniors in high school; I do not use textbooks.”

Giving students motivation to learn English

Zhang continues to listen to Studio Classroom programs every day, and encourages her students to listen to teachers Gabe and Rebecca’s voices daily. Zhang also worked hard to get the opportunity to bring her students to Studio Classroom’s Taipei headquarters for a visit. Zhang expressed: “On our visit, Doris (Studio Classroom founder) showed us much warmth and encouraged my students and I. I will never forget her warmth and the resilience I saw in her eyes.”

Character is very important

Li Yijing, a junior at Nankan Senior High School, is in the gifted students’ class for languages. She has attended dozens of English speech contests and won numerous awards. Li likes reading Studio Classroom articles on movies and entertainers. She also enjoys listening to English songs, which she translates to Chinese and uses the lyrics to create her own novels.

Li expressed, “Character is very important. Before, my homeroom classmates would throw trash around the room, so our class leader took away the trash can. After a whole day of not having a trash can to use, now, my classmates only throw trash in trash cans and don’t litter anymore.”

Studio Classroom’s goal is for students to enjoy learning English, while building good character at the same time. Our hope is that Studio Classroom will be your friend for life.