National Nanke International Experimental High School (NNKIEH) at SC Media Camp

“Wow! I’m here not just to watch but to actually participate in recording a radio skit!
On the 18th of this month, a total of 27 senior high school students from NNKIEH came to Studio Classroom to experience for themselves SC media production. A small group method was adopted during the activity. Under the planning and arrangement of professionals, Studio Classroom opened up media-related facilities, allowing students to try recording songs and producing broadcast advertisements in the recording studio. Hands-on operation of a press conference, location shooting and production are all experienced in the form of station-to-station games, responding to the recent “Media Literacy” education that is newly included in the curriculum. Through the rich and diverse work on-screen to behind-the-scene, students can unravel the mystery in image production, giving students a basic concept in media literacy.

In this event, one cannot do without the English language element. From a game of interviewing Studio Classroom teachers who acted as spokesperson at the press conference, production of bilingual media teaching, to singing an English song, students can learn to speak English naturally. At the end of the day, in order to show the results of their learning, students were divided into groups to film a 30-sec short clip, making this day filled with entertaining and educational real life media course for NNKIEH students.