Doris Visits President Tsai for Afternoon Tea

Last June, President Tsai visited Dr. Doris Brougham at Studio Classroom’s Taipei headquarters and gave Brougham her first Taiwan passport. On April 29, by invitation from the President, Brougham, ORTV Chairman Simon Hung, ORTV CEO Daniel Hsieh, and other staff visited Tsai at her official residence. Also in attendance was former Minister of the Interior Tommy Hsu. Knowing Brougham loves cats and dogs, Tsai also showed her beloved cat Cookie and her other cats and dogs to Brougham and the other visitors. Tsai, Brougham, and Brougham’s entourage had a great time chatting.

Tsai wrote on her Facebook afterwards: “Teacher Doris has been a friend I have known for years. Last year, I visited her at Studio Classroom to present her with her Taiwan passport. I thanked her for her great contributions to Taiwan’s education in the past seventy years. I also invited her to come to my residence for tea. I am thrilled she could visit me in my residence today.”