The Journey of Love Musical Successfully Debuts in Taipei

Studio Classroom, Heavenly Melody and All U People Theater Director Hsieh Nienchu’s joint production, The Journey of Love musical, successfully debuted in Taipei on January 21 to 23. The musical brings to the stage for the first time the life story of Studio Classroom and Heavenly Melody founder Dr. Doris Brougham.

This year is the 70th anniversary of Dr. Brougham’s arrival in Taiwan. At 95, her enthusiasm has not waned. She continues to love Taiwan by diligently working to meet the needs she sees. Brougham emphasized she is just an ordinary person. She shared: “When I arrived in Hualien, Taiwan in 1951, I did not know what to do, but God did. I just followed his path, and did what he wanted me to do. The work got bigger and bigger all because of God; He helped us. I thank God for leading me all these years, and my hope is I can continue to do His work.

ORTV Executive Director, Heavenly Melody Director, and The Journey of Love Executive Producer Daniel Hsieh stated: “It is a privilege to bring to the stage Doris’ story in 2022, on the 70th anniversary of her arrival in Taiwan and on Studio Classroom’s 60th anniversary. Studio Classroom teachers and Heavenly Melody Choir members were the actors in this musical, and the songs were original creations of Heavenly Melody. Dr. Brougham’s life, like that of missionaries Dr. Leslie MacKay, Dr. James Laidlaw Maxwell, and others, is a life of love and service to Taiwan. These missionaries left their home countries and devoted their lives to Taiwan. Their stories are testaments of God’s love. Besides being grateful for their lives, we can learn from their examples of loving others as yourself. If we act in this spirit, we will make Taiwan and the world a better place.”

During the three days of performances, the audience laughed and cried with the plot, and often broke into thunderous applause. When Dr. Brougham got on stage at the very end in a “surprise ending”, the audience gave her a long, standing ovation. Brougham thanked everyone for coming and joked: “If I knew so many people would watch a musical on my life, I might never have got on the ship to come to Asia.” She continued: “When I first came to Taiwan, I saw Taiwan’s need for spiritual nourishment and English, so I devoted my life to using English and music to share God’s love with more people, help connect Taiwan to the world, and let more people in other countries experience Taiwan culture.” Brougham concluded by encouraging the audience to open their eyes to see the needs around them, and rise to meet those needs.

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