The Journey of Love Musical Premieres This Week

Studio Classroom, Heavenly Melody, and All U People Theatre are premiering The Journey of Love musical on January 21 to 23 at Taipei’s Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall.

Studio Classroom Executive Director, Heavenly Melody Director, and The Journey of Love Producer Daniel Hsieh stated: “2022 is Studio Classroom’s 60th anniversary and marks Dr. Doris Brougham’s 70 years in Taiwan. Studio Classroom and Heavenly Melody, both founded by Brougham, are privileged to work together to bring this musical to life. Although the musical cannot act out Doris’ entire life, 95 years so far, in 80 minutes, it covers the highlights.”

Heavenly Melody Vice Director and the musical’s Music Director Mei Wang shared that the musical’s theme song, The Journey of Love, was written by Heavenly Melody’s Jack Kao, a key songwriter for the musical. It is a powerful song that will deeply touch your heart. Jack Kao shared that the screenwriter did an incredible job of piecing Brougham’s life together and making it into a visual masterpiece. Kao shared, “We hope many people can come to our musical. This musical is a breakthrough performance for us, and we hope that by watching it, you will be inspired to make breakthroughs in your own life.”