Heavenly Melody’s Renewed Nominated for Best Religious Album at 2021 Golden Melody Awards

Heavenly Melody’s Renewed album was nominated for Best Religious Album when the Ministry of Culture announced the short list for the 2021 Golden Melody Awards on August 3. A total of 91 artists/ groups and 43 artistic works were nominated, and the awards will be presented on October 9.


ORTV Executive Director and Heavenly Melody Director, Daniel Hsieh, expressed: “God is so good. Heavenly Melody’s nomination is a great affirmation for our whole team. I thank God and am grateful for all our staff involved in this project. We have a superb team and everyone put their whole hearts into this album. Whether we win the award or not, we are so thankful. Our hope is that this album will be a blessing and touch the hearts of those who hear it.

Heavenly Melody Vice Director and the Producer of Renewed, Mei Wang, stated:

Renewed is a very different album from our previous albums. Our previous albums focused on beautiful harmonies. This album’s song arrangement is much simpler, the songs are catchier and are easier to sing. For us, Renewed is a new start, like the artwork on the album’s cover. The tree rings represent the almost 60-year history of Heavenly Melody, while the new bud that appears represents new life, new vision, and new hope as Heavenly Melody continues to use music to bring the Gospel to new generations.