Studio Classroom and Ministry of National Defense Continue Media Cooperation

On May 6, Studio Classroom and the Ministry of National Defense signed a new agreement for continued cooperation. Studio Classroom’s popular video series       I Really Want to Speak English will continue to be broadcast on CTS’ Military Channel Juguang Garden. The series has been broadcast on the channel since 2019.

Political Warfare Bureau Chief Lieutenant-General Jian Shi-wei expressed appreciation for Studio Classroom’s providing of the popular video series the past two years, giving members of the military a fun way to learn English through useful conversations and vocabulary. As a token of their appreciation, Jian and his staff bought a beautiful bouquet and Mother’s Day cake for Studio Classroom Founder Dr. Doris Brougham.


Dr. Brougham encouraged military personnel to continue working hard to learn English, as English is a window on the world that broadens horizons on both the individual and collective levels.