Dr. Doris Brougham Awarded Inaugural Outstanding Women Award

The National Women’s League of the ROC awarded Dr. Doris Brougham its inaugural Outstanding Women Award on the 124th birth anniversary of League founder Soong Mei-ling. The award came with a 1 million NTD prize for her life-long contributions to the people of Taiwan.

In her remarks to the press after the award ceremony, Dr. Brougham gave God all the glory. She stated: “In 1951, when I arrived in Hualien, I didn’t know what I was going to do. But God knew, so I followed him, I did what He wanted me to do. The things I did well and of significance was because of God’s help. I thank God for leading me all these years, and that I can continue to do His work.”

ORTV Chairman Dr. Simon Hung shared that He was greatly touched by Dr. Brougham’s generosity. She is donating 100% of her prize money to ORTV and not keeping any for herself. Hung expressed: “Dr. Brougham is like Soong Mei-ling in both women are wonderful examples of loving God and the people of Taiwan. Dr. Brougham always shares her testimony with people she meets everywhere she goes, sometimes using Chinese characters like “blessing” to share the Gospel. On some occasions, I remind her she doesn’t need to be so active in sharing the Gospel, but she tells me she may never meet this person again”

Dr. Brougham shared she has no plans to retire, and will continue to serve God until the day she goes to heaven. She stated: “We must continue to serve God, and He will give us strength and wisdom for all the days He gives us. When we are in the world, we can share with others the blessings of God.”