Learning Through Play: SC holds 4th Annual Kids Media Camps

Studio Classroom held the first of its 4th annual SC Kids Media Camps this week in Taipei. These popular camps teach kids the latest media and performance skills, English, and positive values through drama, video shooting and editing, music, art, and board games. The goal of the camps is to help kids build confidence in English and elevate their media skills, as these skills have become necessities in a world where self-media is an important part of self-expression and communication.

Dr. Doris Brougham and Studio Classroom have long believed that learning should be fun as we need to gain the interest of the learners to maximize learning impact.
Moreover, learning should be hands-on, as the best way to internalize what one has learned is through hands-on experience led by qualified teachers. These camps integrate both of these elements and provide a warm, supportive environment for learning. We are excited to plant positive values and raise interest in English and media in the influencers of tomorrow.