Studio Classroom Supports New Taipei City Pandemic Prevention Partnership: No Halt to Learning

To cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, Studio Classroom was invited by New Taipei City government to participate in “No Halt to Learning, Digital Learning Resources All in Place: Activating Industry-Academia-Government Partnership.” General Manager, Mr. Joseph Tsai, represented Studio Classroom to attend the press conference. Mayor Hou You-yi of New Taipei City expressed that the city’s digital learning resources are in place and ready to be deployed. In response, Mr. Joseph Tsai expressed: “In order to cope with the pandemic situation and to allow uninterrupted English learning among students in New Taipei City, Studio Classroom responds to this partnership by specially providing the following: Let’s Talk in English and Studio Classroom magazines, Hot Words App, practice material for TVE Joint College Entrance Examination and Studio Classroom online learning platform as well as other free resources, so that New Taipei City’s students can continue to improve their English ability during this pandemic period.”