“Decoding Studio Classroom”: A Special Exhibition at NKUHT

Studio Classroom and National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism collaborate to create a special exhibition “Decoding Studio Classroom” on the second floor “Creative Space” of NKUHT Library. The ribbon-cutting ceremony took place on March 18 while the exhibition period is from March 2 to April 30. The exhibition is divided into three major areas based on: Studio Classroom Founder Doris Brougham, Studio Classroom Memorabilia, and Timeline. From introducing the past contributions that Teacher Doris has made to Taiwan’s language development, Studio Classroom’s evolution in response to technology, the replacement of the medium used to promote English education, to the current language virtual reality (VR) development as well as all kinds of historical progress, it is in the hope that through this lively space and theme planning, language and media literacy can be enhanced and creativity in learning be inspired among students.