2019 Studio Classroom & Heavenly Melody Island-wide Christmas Evangelistic Concerts: The Spirit of Christmas – Sharing Peace in Love

Over the years, Studio Classroom and Heavenly Melody Singers have held large Christmas concerts throughout Taiwan. For 2019, they launched “The Spirit of Christmas” evangelistic concerts, especially focusing on the true spirit of Christmas. Through an elaborate Christmas-themed stage and special programs, the audience could revisit the birth of Jesus in a manger, and how the seeds of peace are brought to mankind. Because of the grace of God, even in the face of challenges and difficulties, everything can be transformed into a gift of blessing, settling the wandering hearts of people.

The island-wide Christmas rallies began on December 6 to 21, 2019, starting from the south to the north, from Kaohsiung to Tainan and then to Taipei, a total of seven cities and eight performances.
Through intricately-designed bilingual dialogues, heartwarming Christmas carols, thought-provoking skits and fun interactive games, the hearts of the audience were touched by the true spirit of Christmas.