19th National Prayer Breakfast: Be Salt and Light!

On June 21, the 19th National Prayer Breakfast in Taiwan was held at the Taipei International Convention Center. ORTV Executive Director Dr. Simon Hung and Deputy Executive Director Daniel Hsieh were the Convener and Organizer of the event. ORTV Founder Dr. Doris Brougham and Rev. Chen Jiayue, the Deputy Speaker of the Taiwan Presbyterian Church, gave speeches on this year’s theme, “Making a Difference,” in Mandarin and Taiwanese. President Tsai Ingwen, as well as over 500 leaders in government, business, and religion, were in attendance. The focus of the event was to pray for peace, harmony, and blessings for the people and land of Taiwan.


The event featured performances by the aboriginal group Shilei Women’s Choir and Yingqi Children’s Choir.  Besides the 500 local leaders in attendance, a few dozen foreign guests flew in for the event, including representatives from Finland, the United States, Korea, Japan, India, Hong Kong, Macau, the Philippines and Uganda. Diplomats from 10 countries were also in attendance. May each of us be salt and light where we are and help make this world a better place!