Daniel Hsieh, Executive Director

Born in Taiwan, Daniel immigrated to Brazil with family when he finished elementary school. In this foreign environment, so different in culture, lifestyle, and language from his homeland, Daniel learned to adapt and thrive. From not speaking a word of Portuguese and using sign language to communicate, he mastered Portuguese and Spanish and became a successful dentist.

From Dentist to Gospel Singer

In 1995, at the age of 26, Daniel obtained his license to practice dentistry, fulfilling his father’s wish for him. That year, he attended a Heavenly Melody concert in Sao Paolo, Brazil, which would change his life forever. He could not stop thinking “There are many doctors in the world, but there are not enough people sharing the Gospel. Do I really want to be a dentist?” At the age of 27, Daniel decided to give up his career as a dentist, and return to Taiwan to join Heavenly Melody Choir.

Obedience and Ministry Expansion


Daniel joined Heavenly Melody with no previous musical training, thus, he had to start from zero his journey of becoming a professional musician. There was much to learn, and God used this long process to instill humility in Daniel. Besides being a musician, Daniel took on more responsibilities including administration, planning and program design. Beyond music, Daniel branched out to deepen his skills in management and theology. He completed a MBA at National Chengchi University, and obtained a Master’s degree in Theology from China Evangelical Seminary.

Love God, Love People

Experiencing his father’s death was a turning point for Daniel. In the past, Daniel was single-mindedly focused on management efficiency. After his father passed away, Daniel deeply pondered his faith and calling. “The time my father passed away was an incredibly busy time, we were preparing for Heavenly Melody’s overseas concert tour,” Daniel said. While preparing for the tour, Daniel silently bore the grief of losing his father. “After Heavenly Melody had just returned from a packed overseas tour, I did not expect that all the choir members would attend my father’s funeral,” Daniel said. Daniel was deeply moved by the companionship and support of his colleagues during the saddest time of his life. This experience propelled him to spend more time in building relationships with others, to love God and love people more, and love the ORTV family more.

Carrying the Torch Forward


From his time serving as General Manager of Heavenly Melody to becoming Executive Director of ORTV, Daniel is thankful for spiritual elders’ guidance and support. The spirit of ORTV is that of one life impacting another, to make meaningful and lasting change. As ORTV founder Dr. Doris Brougham had mentored Dr. Simon Hung for years, Simon mentored Daniel for years. Daniel witnessed Simon go through two serious illnesses and persist in ministry despite these setbacks, and Simon’s example deeply impacted Daniel. Responding to God’s call, Daniel and team will continue to be salt and light for this generation, and spread God’s love to the ends of the Earth.