Friday Night Live (FNL) is a weekly ORTV-led event in Taipei that is free to the public.People can practice English with their Studio Classroom teachers, learn life lessons from the Bible, make new friends, and enjoy music and skits.

When: Every Friday evening, 7:00 to 9:00 pm
Where: Home of Christ
Home of Christ: 02-2356-3911 (ext. 118 or 125)
Address: 4F.,No.15-1. Sec.1,Hangzhou S.Rd., Taipei
ORTV: 02-2533-8082 ext. 412

Friday Night Live is designed for students 12 and up.
All children MUST be accompanied by an adult.

2019 The Way The Truth The Life 

Apr. 05 Cancelled (Children’s Day and Tomb Sweeping)

Mar. 29 Lesson 10 The Right Kind of Worship
Mar. 22 Lesson 9 Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind
Mar. 15 Lesson 8 Jesus Casts Out Demons
Mar. 08 Lesson 7 Jesus Calms the Storm
Mar. 01 Cancelled (228 Remembrance Day)

Feb.22 Lesson 6 Jesus Feeds the Crowd
Feb.15 Lesson 5 Jesus’ First Miracle
Feb.08 Cancelled (Lunar New Year)
Feb.01 Cancelled (Lunar New Year)

Jan.25 Lesson 4 Jesus as a Child
Jan.18 Lesson 3 Jesus Came for Everyone
Jan.11 Lesson 2 People Disobeyed God
Jan.04 Lesson 1 God Created All Things

Dec. 28  Cancelled (Holiday)
Dec. 21  Cancelled (ORTV Staff Party)
Dec. 14  Cancelled (Big Rally)

Dec. 07  Christmas program

Nov. 30  PDF-中文  PDF-Eng Generosity
Nov. 23  PDF-中文  PDF-Eng  Gratitude
Nov. 16  PDF-中文  PDF-Eng  Contentment
Nov. 09  PDF-中文  PDF-Eng  Living With Purpose
Nov. 02  Cancelled (Activities at Home of Christ)

Oct.26 Jesus Says Ⅱ Lesson 14 The Final Judgement
Oct.19 Jesus Says Ⅱ Lesson 13 The End of the Age
Oct.12 Jesus Says Ⅱ Lesson 12 The Vine and the Branches
Oct.05 Jesus Says Ⅱ Lesson 11 The Holy Spirit

Sep.28 Jesus saysⅡ Lesson 10 The Way, the Truth and the Life
Sep.21 Jesus saysⅡ Lesson 9 The good Shepherd
Sep.14 Jesus saysⅡ Lesson 8 The Light of the World
Sep.07 Jesus saysⅡ Lesson 7 The Bread of Life

Aug.31 Jesus saysⅡ Lesson 6 Hypocrisy
Aug.24 Jesus saysⅡ Lesson 5 Divorce
Aug.17 Jesus saysⅡ Lesson 4 Warning Against Sin
Aug.10 Jesus saysⅡ Lesson 3 The Greatest in the Kingdom
Aug.03 Jesus saysⅡ Lesson 2 Clean & Unclean

Jul.27 Jesus saysⅡ Lesson 1 Being a Disciple

《Jesus Says II》

Jul.20 Jesus saysⅠ Lesson 14 Two Trees/Two Foundations
Jul.13 Jesus saysⅠ Lesson 13 Judging Others
Jul.06 Jesus saysⅠ Lesson 12 Worry

Jun. 29 Lesson 11  Treasure in Heaven
Jun. 22 Lesson 10  Prayer(2)
Jun. 15  Cancelled (Holiday)
Jun. 08 Lesson 09  Prayer(1)
Jun. 01 Lesson 08   Doing Good to Others

May 25 Lesson 07 Loving Our Enemies
May 18 Lesson 06  Vows
May 11  Lesson 05 Adultery
May 04 Lesson 04 Anger

Apr. 27 Lesson 03 Salt & Light
Apr. 20 Lesson 02 The Beatitudes(2)
Apr. 13 Lesson 01  The Beatitudes(1)

《Jesus Says Ⅰ》

Apr. 06 Cancelled (Holiday)


The Book of Acts II : The Life of Paul

Mar. 30 Lesson 12 Paul in Rome
Mar. 23 Lesson 11 A Snakebite
Mar. 16 Lesson 10 Shipwreck!
Mar. 09 Lesson 9 Troubles, Trials and Testimonies
Mar. 02 Lesson 8 Paul Goes to Jerusalem

Feb. 23 Lesson 7 Miracles of Paul
Feb. 16 Cancelled(Lunar New Year)
Feb. 09 Lesson 6 Adventures in Ephesus
Feb. 02 Lesson 5 Power Couple

Jan. 26 Lesson 4 To an Unknown God
Jan. 19 Lesson 3 A Jailer Set Free
Jan. 12 Lesson 2 Paul and Barnabas
Jan. 05 Lesson 1 Saul Meets Jesus

PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 01 Living With Purpose
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 02 Contentment
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 03 Gratitude
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 04 Finding Joy
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 05 Generosity
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 06 God’s Promises
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 07 Security
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 08 Facing Fear
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 09 The Trap of Perfection
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 10 Learning From Failure
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 11 Our Words
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 12 Resolving Conflicts
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 13 Bitterness and Forgiveness
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 14 Pride and Humility
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 15 Understanding Loneliness
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 16 Defeating Depression
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 17 Adversity
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 18 Grief and Comfort
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 19 Temptation
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 20 Jealousy
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 21 Money Matters
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 22 The Gift of Rest
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 23 God’s Timing
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 24 Making Choices
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 25 Priorities
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 26 Peace
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 27 Why Worry
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 28 Guilt and Shame
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 29 Perspective
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 30 Patience
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 31 God’s Word
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 32 Prayer
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 33 God’s Love
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 34 Part of God’s Family
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 35 Courage
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 36 The Challenge of Change
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 37 Building Faith
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 38 Hypocrisy
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 39 Laziness and Discipline
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 40 Trust and Obedience
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 41 True Beauty
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 42 Love
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 43 The Great Healer
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 44 Freedom from Bondage
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 45 Living With Hope
PDF-中文  PDF-Eng 46 Knowing Your Worth