We use music to bring people to Christ.
Thank you for your prayers and support.

Where the need is greatest 

Every year at Studio Classroom, we have a total of about 82 school rally sessions all over Taiwan. We hope to reach out to even more schools but we do need your support to help us maintain our equipment, bring in more manpower and to cover for expenses like transportation and meals.

SC Bilingual Character-building School Rallies

Studio Classroom holds bilingual, character-building rallies in junior and senior high schools around the island, using music, skits, and interactive activities to share postive life values with students. Our rallies reach more than 5,000 students in 80 schools a year.

Heavenly Melody Outreach Worldwide

Christmas Rallies around the island

Internet, TV ministry

Evangelistic crusades

Heavenly Melody ministry

Youth Ministry (Camps, School Activities, English Bible Studies)

Children’s Ministry (Camps, Activities)

English outreach/ activities in rural areas